• jaxster uploaded a new picture: Paper! March 10, 2013 3:26 pm

    This is the store in Korea I get my shiny paper from.

    • looks like a gold mine.

      • I can literally spends hours in this store… it’s actually 3 stores of pure gold. I think it’s the best craft shop I’ve ever scene… they sell almost everything craft related

    • dave you right … I wish the same store in Romania

    • I would never be able to walk out of there empty handed.

    • i hope i can find one like this

    • this is awesome! I wish we had something like that in holland too!! but sad enough we don’t..:( I have to buy my paper in several stores…and some are very expensive

    • OMG!! if i been there i would never leave this place again 😀 lol

    • … :O …
      Jaxster … send me some 🙂 or convince the owner to go international… Here in London the best I can get is Xerox paper on Amazon 🙁

      • Have you tried, or do they have colored printer paper there. That’s what I use. It works great. or maybe gift wrapping paper.

      • I really wish I could but a butt load of paper and sell them. It cost so much and the airlines online lets you bring so much with you. The last time I went to Korea they had to check my bag because I had so much paper in it. I think it would be nice if I could offer the glue and paper supplies I use… I just got to figure out a way to make it happen without costing me so much money.

        • buy

          • LOL you got stopped at customs for having too much paper 😛 Did they think that buried within those paper were toxic substances lol
            And that would be nice lol. A 3DO online shop 😀

        • Can you give me an idea of the size of paper you buy and how much 100 dollars US would get in this store. Also where is this store located in Korea and what is the name because my neighbor’s daughter is stationed near Seoul and is willing to buy me paper and send it back to the States if I give her parents the money.

    • wish ther was such store in uae i never get out of the store …..:)