This page is for beginners that want to Learn How to make 3D Origami.  There are 4 basic steps on creating 3d Origami.  These steps are:

  1. The Fold
  2. The Base
  3. The Transition
  4. The Design
  5. Tutorials

The Fold

There are 2 different kinds of folds.  The Standard Flat Point Fold is used by most beginners and is used to make ALL bases.  The Jaxster Fold or Advanced Puff Fold is used by more advanced artists to make your piece look more round.

The Base

The Base is very important because it’s like the foundation of a house.  Your whole piece will revolve around your base.

The Transition

The Transition also known as the Inverted Row can be seen 0:45 seconds into this video.  This is a break in your piece to start another round transition. Usually occurs to make a head and body shape.

The Design

When  you get the first 3 basics of 3D Origami you will want to start designing your own pieces.  Or you don’t have to design your own because there are plenty of free Tutorials on how to make wonderful 3D Origami Designs.  Here are some examples of designs you can make.


As a true 3D Origami Artist you will rely on Tutorials to help you learn the basics and to get you to understand how 3D Origami works.   There are some very talented artist that pride their work and want to teach the world.  So they make tutorials with great diagrams on how to make their designs.  If you have ever learned from a tutorial and you become a great artist then it would be nice for you to contribute back to your community and create some tutorials for the next generation of 3d Origami Artists.  Here are some great tutorials:

Now that you know the basics of 3D Origami we hope you create awesome works of art.  If you are not a member please join the best 3D Origami Network to learn from some of the best 3D Origami Artists in the world.  To start connecting please log in first. You can also create an account.  Click on the link to find more Tutorials on this site.