• jaxster uploaded a new picture: 3DOrigami Standard … June 17, 2017 9:26 am

    3DOrigami Standard Flat Point Fold Jaxster

    • Is this the standard unit you use?

      • This is the standard unit I use for my bases. and transitions. In the first piece I ever did it was all made of these units. But I usually use a Puff Fold for the rest. My size is 4.5cm x 3 cm

        • I’m going to add this to my list of techniques.

          • I wonder what your technique is? I know you sometimes use Danielles half paper technique but do you have a different folding style?

            • I normally use the half square type. mostly because i reverse the unite inward to create a smooth surface. I turn them around forward for texture or to accent particular areas. I’ve been trying to keep track of all the different ways to fold. some work for me some don’t. I do use a half square link unit when changing the direction. i.e. the parrot and macaw i changed direction to add the beaks. The link units involve only folding the upper corners to the center. It keeps them thinner that way.

        • Hola Jaxster, una pregunta las medidas que das de tus modulos son por que las haces en un papel de tamaño especial o las haces es una hoja tamaño carta normal?