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I’m SugarcoatedSin, which is obviously not the name I go by in real life. =) In the offline world I’m known as A├»sha, a weird and random girl from the Netherlands.
I love handcrafting and am always busy making things. 3D origami is one of my favorite work of arts (duh!). Other hobbies include photography, fashion, music and BJD’s.

Got more questions? Just ask! n_n


The Netherlands




November 30

Questions About Me

When and how did you find out about 3D Origami?

I stumbled upon 3D origami during the summer of 2011. My younger sister got a paper model of an onigiri as a present from someone. I really loved it and had never seen that kind of origami before. When the model was starting to falling apart, I began to search for a way to learn it, so I could remake it for her (she loved it so much!). I came across Jewellia’s videos on YouTube, in which I saw the exact same onigiri model. A few minutes later, I was busy folding my first model. :3

Favorite 3D Origami Artist

Lots of people! But here are a few of my favorites:
Julia (Jewellia on YT) – because of her helpful videos I quickly learned how to fold, build and read/create diagrams. I also love all the cute little models she makes.
Jaxster – his beautiful and original models really are just lovely and really inspire me.

Do you use glue?

Yes, I recently started to glue my models. I got pretty tired of always paying attention so they wouldn't fall apart.