• riya uploaded a new picture: swan basket1.jpg October 21, 2010 2:43 am

    my first origami Swan Flower Basket

    • thnx jenn , yes, its just a cone shape.

    • That is so beautiful! Great job. you have a good eye.

      • thnx david , really very happy to see the comments on my first project, this is very encouragement for me.
        i knew origami, just 2 months back, on seeing all the projects here,craves me to make something new and makes more interest in origami, especially the credit goes to your parrrot, really superb
        i just want to make one parrot for me

      • will u please help me to make my parrot?

        • I made mine using 2cm x 4cm pieces in Red, Dark Blue. Light Blue, Yellow Green, Yellow, White, Black and Off White. The Beak is made of recycle magazine paper. I started at the head and worked down to the tail. Then I added the beak.
          What colors are you going to use?

          • thank u so much, that u have come forward to help me. i just want to make your first attempt -parrot, this has less color compared to your second project macaw, i want to use the same colour u used in that.

            • In the first one I used light green, dark green, dark blue yellow and the beak is goldenrod (I cut up a postal envelope). the feet are floral wired wrapped with thin strips of the goldenrod.

          • as iam not that much familiar in 3do , i have lot of doubts in ur project.
            how did u make the neck part somewhat bending ie., the front side of parrot under the beak
            and how u separate the front side of parrot from back side,i had noted only in your project, the front side is shown separately, its very nice
            next how u attached the wings to the body and beak to the mouth part. i can even somewhat assume the beak, but no chance of assuming how you attached the wings.please help me.

            • to make the neck I start with a ring of 26. I find the top and bottom of the head then work the top in wedges. (kind of like how you the make the wings on the swan.) Then curve each row down a little at a time. The wings are actually continuous from the body. Once I get to the part where the wings attach you have to assemble separately the tops of the wings making them wider as you go down till you get the desired width you want. where the wings attach to the body, he body flows under the wings. there is actually a hole under the wings where they flow over the body. I left that section empty so it didn’t push the wings up. I’ll post some more pictures so you can get a better look at what I’m talking about.

              • I’m sorry if I make it sound difficult. It’s really not.!!!

              • thank u so much… i understood the wings part .
                but little bit confusing in the head part, as u said please post some more pictures, and can u make diagram for the head, it will very helpful for people like me who are the beginners of 3do and very much interested in learning that

                • I drew a partial diagram when I started the Macaw. It just got too complicated at one point and I couldn’t figure out how to explain it in a drawing. Any way, what I do have I’ll scan and post as soon as I can.

              • the ring of 26, is the base for the neck? or it is the mouth part where the beak starts?
                and how the front side looking different under the beak?

                • It would be like the bottom row of your swanbasket. Just fit them a little loose so you can slip small pieces in the bottom to work outwards on the beak. as you start the head from the ring, pick a half for the top. If you are making it like my first parrot, i doesn’t really matter which 13 you use as it’s all one color any. Take that half and make it like the wings on your swan basket, only with them reversed with the bottom point of the piece face toward the center. As you work in each row of the wing, gradually curve them inward to make the arch across the top of the head.

                  This is the first time I’ve ever tried to teach anyone my thought process. I hope it helps.

                  • yes, i understood what u say.thnx

                  • i understood the basic structure of the parrot, so i am going to fold my pieces from now onwards,how many pieces do we need for that.
                    pls post your diagrams as soon as you can

    • I didn’t use a diagram. I sort of invented the technique. see below for more detail.

    • don’t sell yourself short. I’ve only been doing this style of origami for about 4 years. considering the project took 6 weeks to complete, I would have to be a series of videos. When I started going off on my own and make these pieces, I made a lot of mistakes. I have a box of projects that just plain didn’t work for one reason or another, but I always learned something from them. Don’t be afraid to try your own work, just don’t expect to be successful every time.