• rfq84 uploaded a new picture: Paper cutter! April 11, 2011 2:13 pm

    omg the paper cutter makes its 100% better!

    • I need a proper paper cutter that can cut through 10 sheets at a time. I bought a two in one guillotine (guillotine + paper cutter) and the paper cutter is so bad it can barely cut through one sheet ¬_¬ The guillotine is better but can only shear through 6 sheets at a time… any more and it fails to cut it and instead rips it -.-

      • About myself, i cut all my paper once in a Cutting Machine, you can do the same if you have any Press Company near you they always have a Cutting Machines.

    • there’s no substitute for a good paper cutter.

    • awsome how many pieces of paper can itcut

    • i`m interesting in these cutters too, only problem is that it`s hard to get them in Latvia, only way is to buy them on amazon.
      now i`m cutting paper useing ruller and paper knife, 5 sheets at a time, but i need to make sheets stay together, it takes time and it`s not always precise

      • you should try using paper clips Aigars

      • i actually bought the paper cutter from an office supply store in the US call office depot! i was just looking for a link for it but so far no luck! i know it was the store brand but they must have discontinued it! ill take a pic for you and post! yeah 13 sheets and i zip threw 5 rims of paper in no time!

    • I have a paper cutter that can cut through 5 sheets save me a lot of time, also it was pretty cheap!, but before I would use sissors and paper clips

    • there is a paper cutter on ebay that cutts through 400 sheets for 130 bucks