• mohammadnofal posted an update January 19, 2013 2:25 pm

    @admin What if you put a QR area in every profile, just in case we wanna write more info about us or our works?! it’s just an idea if u wanna take it or not 🙂

    • What does QR mean? I can add more areas to your profile. Just let me know.

      • QR means “Quick Response Code” like the one i post as my profile photo, i made it as a hint to you, you can open it by your smart phone or scan it by your camera phone to get all information about what this person wrote about himself or his works in it, and it can contains 1264 characters and a person’s pic also!
        It’s a popular thing here in my country and most of my fans asked me to do something like that to get all contact info about me easily.
        Thanks for your concern Jaxster 🙂

        • Unfortunately I don’t have a function to be able to add images to your profile info. I’ll work on it but for now the best is just to upload to your album like you did. Thanks for the suggestion though. Keep it coming.