• nga1012 uploaded a new picture: 3d origami black ph… June 18, 2017 12:12 am

    Someone said that the way you use colour in art show your mood…

    • good job!

    • That’s saying is definitely true! But I love it anyway..

      Hope you’re doing fine /hugs/

      • thank you Danielle …It’s black like my mood … I’m trouble perpson and always get trouble T_T I like it very much but not much people like it because it’s too black … without trouble I’m fine :D… hug…

        • You’re welcome~ haha I completly understand.. we sometimes go through pretty hard or dark periods.. and then we also use dark colors =) Hope you’re troubles go away fast!! <3

          • I tried to make a big lamp and the result was really bad T_T I’m really not good with big projects T_T yeah I can feel your spirit ^^ and it spread to me 😀 I feel full energy for creative also 😀 lol… Oh when I remade your works and find the way for do it I really admire you because you’re really creative girl and I’m sure about it… thank you for like my works ^^ I remade like crazy many works just for learn more and I was in bad mood so I didn’t think anything just remade and remade 😀 but thanks to God because the results were not too bad if they were too bad I think my mood will fall down one more level 😀 lol…. Welcome home Danielle… our 3d origami home 🙂

          • Sorry for late reply I dont know why I couldn’t post my reply..