• nga1012 uploaded a new picture: 3d origami doll.jpg March 9, 2012 2:27 am

    I didn't use many colour in my works and my colour always have my own law, maybe it's my style but I played with colour in this doll 🙂

    • chị Nga làm = giấy nhăn + giấy photo màu à chị 🙂

      • uh c sd giấy nhăn vì giấy photo màu k có 1 số màu, nhg nó hơi mỏng nên phải gấp đôi rồi mới gấp

    • nice 🙂 this is 3d origami and we also can use any color n make any design 🙂 that true 🙂 can i remake this 4 my next project 🙂