• mohammadnofal uploaded a new picture: Peacock November 30, 2013 9:29 pm

    Another upgrades for an old design, cylindrical neck, the same real colors as much as i can :D, stand on feet only, put wings, just as the real one 🙂 i wish u like it!

    • It’s look like a real peacock and amazing colour, it’s perfect 3d origami peacock , it’s amazing because it can stand on feet only , really amazing design ,If you dont mind, May I remake it in one day? 🙂 About why I made wings for mine, I just tried to hide ugly point in my peacock 🙂 I made the body not good like you made 🙂

      • ThanQ a lot Nga, i just try to do my best 🙂
        It’s ok Nga u can remake it if u want i never mind! and about your peacock i don’t see any ugly point in it!! and i love the wings idea that you did its really inspired me to make last upgrades in mine, so! thanQ Nga 🙂

        • Thank you very much Mohammad, I’ll remake it in one day when I really understand it 🙂

          • You’re welcome Nga! if u take a scrutiny look 2 the pics that i sent u i think you gonna understand it well 😉 wish u good luck Nga!

            • I hope so 🙂 but I still dont know how I can make it’s leg , thank you again Mohammad!

              • Legs made of electrical wire ”4×1 *2mm” and i wrapped it with quilling paper 😉 i’ll take a pic for it and send it to you Nga 🙂

                • Aha you made it by electric wire and quilling paper ( I thought you made it by steel wire ) it’s easier for cut 🙂 , thank you for your help Mohammad, I’ll wait 🙂 . Wish you have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

    • Beautiful work.The seaplane is amazing.

    • Beautiful macaw.