• mohammadnofal uploaded a new picture: Pegasus June 19, 2017 4:13 pm

    Remake the Pegasus from Russian site! i like it 🙂

    • It looks great! Do you mind me copying your wings for one of my projects?

    • Its awsome it motivated me to try my new own project unicorn + pegasus 🙂 it will take a while but ill try make it.
      Awsome work !!!

      • Thanks Marcin 🙂 I take the instructions from the Russian site 😉 i would love to see your Unicorn soon 🙂

        • Bad news i changed my unicorn + pegasus for new dragon project on my profile you can see my first not completed head prototype its head only for now becouse i need to get same blue colour for rest of whole dragon and most ofthe paper shops doesnt have that same colour so i need to get it from net or search in next monday on shops again.

    • Someone asked me where did i found this but i really don’t remember who!! i’m sorry!! but here is the link as i promised.