• Martinero and Profile picture of spelahostingerspelahostinger are now friends March 26, 2013 3:43 am

    • it’s really nice work, would you pls show us the diagram(pattern) so we can follow your lead 🙂

      • About which work You want to know. Form my projects i doesn`t use any diagrams i using my imagination and many tries to see how it will look like and most of my normal works are from sites net videos diagrams etc. About dragon i don`t have it anymore i made it on request and i dont have more photos or diagram for it. But if You want to try that dragon i can try help You with it as much as i remember it. I want to craft nex dragon different look but need more time for it to put a project in my head 🙂

        • thanks for our potential, i really like to have your support

          • but acutally I as talking about the dolphin 🙂

            • I have that dolphin so I can try help with anything that You will need. I can make some more close ups pictures or count modules etc just pm me with what do You need.

              • it would be much appreciated if you describe how to build it or even no of pcs in each row ,
                as I’ve a friend and he saw the dolphin picture and I promised him I will try… thank you so much

    • cool..*-*