• Martinero uploaded a new picture: Dragon body concept December 22, 2012 9:22 am

    Ok here`s the body its not modeled yet not finish its only part of it I still have to decrese lower body make tail spikes on the back model it make arms and legs than I can start work on wings and that will be the easiest part 🙂
    About wings i planing to make it a lil big^^ and in i think in strange shape but for that You all need to wait to see it
    PS: Waiting for Your support, Tips and at…

    • So far so good Marcin! I can’t wait till you finish it! I totally love dragons, I often wish they are real 😛
      I’m curious about the wings.. what you are planning to do with!

      • Thanks for Your compliment. As for the wings i planing to do somethink different than all of the dragons in net i saw i trying to make it 1 of a kind and test of another dragon i wanted to make after this (next 1 won`t be standing dragon and not blue white but red yelow or other color with red ).