• Martinero uploaded a new picture: Dragon head prototy… November 24, 2012 6:53 am

    The yellow part will be changed to blueon sides and light blue inside of the lower jaw.
    Yellow was used becouse end of blue modules.
    I planing to make whole dragon not only head with arms legs wings body and tail it should be something bigger than 30 cm maby something near 50cm 🙂
    So what do you think Friends ??

    • I like the head. Have you thought about adding a forked tongue since the mouth is open?

      • Its good idea i thought about tongue but I didnt have idea what it should look like and how to make it. I want to make this dragon different than the others and differen than chines dragon style with flat mouth or that rectangle mouth shape.

    • wow this is looking good already! can’t wait for the completed one, once you found new paper!

      • Thank you very much maby you have some sugestions for it ?
        And its making me angry cuz in my city there is 5shops with paper, and none of them have that colour so i dont know when they will have them or maby ill try and start from different colour.

        • well, I don’t know! haha if you use some smaller pieces also you can add a lot more details.. I’ve in my album a picture with unfinished stuff, there’s also a part of a body of a dragon maybe it can help you with deciding what to do with the body 😉 http://3dorigamiart.com/members/daantjuh3dg/album/picture/2008/ (well, if you are wondering, I’m not gonna finish it xD )

          wow yeah that’s pretty annoying! last week I run out of a colour of blue I used for a second macaw! (what’s the matter with blue?! xD) luckely I could find the same colour!

          • Thanks really for that tips now I think that I`ll know how to make the body belly 🙂 i have some concepts of the wings head from dragons pictures on net so now i know how to make the belly scales:)
            And this blue paper is like black paper hard to find and sometimes more expensiwe then normal other colours 🙁

            • you’re welcome! -hug- I’m glad it helped ^^
              the troubles I always have with some colours is that they are always a little bit lighter or darker =/ I just have to but larger amounts of paper I think xD
              luckely the prices of all the colours here are almost the same.. at least from the brand I use ^^ I only have troubles with finding brown paper 🙁

    • Fantastic start! am willing to see da rest of it 🙂

      • I would like to show you all it compleated as fast as i can but it can be harder to do than it should be 🙂 Ill inform you all if i start to continue this one or start new one 🙂
        Maby today shops will have new better colours 🙂