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    • I like that keychain! I thought about making keychains myself, but I worried that they will break or that I loose them, what’s your experience with that!?

      • my first keychain fell apart but thats because i didnt glue it an my niece who was three at the time broke it. what i do now is that i fill up the model with hot glue and its very secure, i use a paper clip for the keychain holder and i bend(the part that will be inside the model) the ends in a zig zag so it wont slip out, but if the ends are straight and parallel then theres a chance that it can slip out. then i just cover up the hole at the bottom with paper. i seen your creations and i see that you use some time of sealant on your models which can better help your keychain to stay together and not fall apart or be damaged, if your worried about loosing your keychain then you might want to think about where you want to put them, for example i put it on my ID for school to show it off and i dont tend to lose my ID so i still have the keychain, my aunt has keychains on her car keys and hasnt lost them, but my cousin put it on her ID and she looses her ID like every other month so thats the last time im giving her a keychain, but it all depends on you and where you keep your stuff
        sorry if i wrote to much

    • Great!! Your filled with ideas 😀