• eduardo uploaded a new picture: graduation bear January 7, 2013 9:23 am

    i made it for my cousin who not only is the first person of her family to graduate from high school but the first to go to college and hopefully the first to also graduation from college
    at the bottom i also put class of 2012

    • wow! perfect beautiful bear! 🙂

    • Thats nice when I attempt 3D origami the pieces always twists diagonal or face the wrong direction or something how can this be prevented? Btw that bear is pro 😛

      • check your pieces and see if one point is bigger than the other, if this is true for all your pieces then thats the problem. your pieces dont have to be perfect but if they affect the look of the model like you said (they go diagonally) then open up some pieces and see if you folded something different, i had a problem like this and i found that when i fold one side of the rectangle up to make the pockets then the other corner side tends to disaline which makes that side point bigger i had to hold the rectangle more firmly and sometimes when you’ll fold up the sides to create the pockets you might not fold them as parallel as they need to be. see if its your pieces then try folding them slowly and analyze them well after every fold(look at them front and back) and you might see the problem. if thats not the case then maybe its the way you connect them. if you put them on with your right hand then you might be putting more force on one side of the triangle which makes it slant, if thats the problem then make sure you hold the pieces in the center and but them on with equal force on both points, also when putting the pockets over the points below them try to put the points in the pockets at the same time, like if the left goes into the pocket before the the right side then that can cause a slant to the left side. hopes this helps

    • wow! it’s very cute & beautiful.

    • Very nice!