• chene uploaded a new picture: 3do scarlet macaw.j… July 28, 2015 7:27 pm

    This's my little scarlet macaw 🙂 .

    • Good work Chene, i like your way 🙂

      • Thankq Mohammad! 🙂 . It’s more simple than your parrot and David’s , it’s my way :). However I’m not good when I must use many pieces

    • NIce, loving the eyes (Y)

    • I watched many photos and after that I did it by my way. It’s simple and easy way 🙂
      Make the body first : 18 rows and 22pieces for every row after that split it become 4 part ( 6p, 5p,6p,5p) for make head
      birds’ beak has 2 parts : p1: r1…5p,r2..4p,r3…5p,..r4..4p,r5..3p…r7..1p, p2 like p1 but has 6rows
      wing: r1..5p,r2..6p,7p,8p,9p,10p,9p,10p and make 5 feathers
      Tail : 5p,6p,7p,8p,9p,8p,9p and make 3 feathers
      Something’s really simple u can see on photo. Hope I can see your work soon 🙂

    • Hi,can you please tell me how many pieces are required for head and how you shaped it