• bamley02 posted an update January 29, 2012 5:58 am

    Question @Jaxster: is there a way that the people you’re following…..their art works show up specifically in your activity feed? For an example, in ”Instagram” (a photo application) if you follow someone, their photos specially show up in your feed instead of everyone’s at once. But you have the option to look at other peoples work. Just asking cause i’m not sure. Thanks. (sorry had to repost to make correction in wording).

    • i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Good question! I have a similar question, is there away or maybe it can be put on a wish list to post a photo to one person directly? For example if someone asked me for help on a model and the best way to help them is by showing a photo of it. Is that possible?

    • @bamley02
      I will add that to the list of updates. But for right now in your profile you can click on your followers tabs to view their new updates

      The best way to do that for now is to set up a group page which you can make private and you can upload pics just to that group. Group pages can be used as project management and be very helpful. I think users here aren’t using group page to their fullest potentials yet. I’ll also look into trying to add a feature where you can post pics on others pages.

      Thanks for the ideas I really appreciate them