3D Origami by ~Jo-En Joseph

Hi first saw Josephs work while browsing Deviant Art.  I saw this 3D Origami piece made of all white and looked like manga.  I thought… wow this is really creative.  You can tell he has a pure passion for manga and he expresses it with 3d origami.  Here’s what Josephs interests are:

  • Interests: Anime, Manga, Drawing, and obviously origami
  • Favourite band or musician: Going Underground, Psychic Lover, Nami Tamaki, Flow, Uverworld, T.M Revolution
  • Favourite genre of music: Anything anime related or made in japan
  • Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
  • MP3 player of choice: Psp ( It does just about everything)
  • Favourite gaming platform: PSP (since i only have handhelds)
  • Favourite cartoon character: Kanade Tachibana, Yuki Nagato, Mikan Yuki, Roll, Yamato Agari, Keima Katsuragi
  • Deviant Art Profile ~Jo-En