3D Origami for Beginners – Standard Flat Point Fold and Advanced Puff Fold a.k.a Jaxster Fold

Hi Everyone,
Here is a tutorial on how to make the Standard Flat Point Fold and the Advanced Puff Fold… also known as the Jaxster Fold. The Standard Flat Point Fold is mainly used for making bases and for transitioning from body to head in some pieces. Using a paper cutter I cut my pieces into 4.5 cm x 3cm.

The Jaxster Fold or Advanced Puff Fold is used for making the main part of your artworks. The Jaxster Fold takes more time and more attention to detail. But once mastered it gives your artwork a more polished look and makes it stand out from the rest. Hope you enjoy my videos. If you like my vids please subscribe.