• Sherif uploaded a new picture: DSC06077.JPG January 20, 2014 12:11 am

    • It’s nice

    • well done šŸ™‚ is there a tutorial ?

      • I’ve got the instructions form lovely ‘NGA’ who made the original design
        below is here message to me ..Good Luck šŸ™‚
        Body : start with 8 pieces and 5 rows with 8p for every row
        5 rows with 12p for every row, 7r with 18pā€¦., 8 rows with 21pā€¦ and split it be 2 parts for make head ( see on photo)
        beak : r1: 4p; r2: 3p; r3: 4p; r4: 3p; r5: 2p;r6:3p; r7: 2p ( make 2 same parts)
        tail :3p;4p;5p;6p;7p;8p; and then split it be 2 parts , reduce from 4 to 1 for every part
        Fin : u can see on photo ( make 3 same parts)