• dreammyst uploaded a new picture: Dragon Boat July 19, 2010 9:36 am

    My “Mardi Gras” dragon boat.

    Modifications from popular dragon boat model:
    – Thicker neck, 3-2-3 pattern rather than a 2-1-2 pattern. Only on one side as opposed to 2. I capped off the other side.
    – Dragon head. (I slipped in the 3rd color as pupils.)
    – It’s placed in a box, rather than glued to card stock. I happened to find the box as I was looking for cardboard. =D
    – Beaded nec…

    • Decent looking dragon! This is quite original! Nice! Wish I can go on it, but I’m too big. lol xD

    • I just noticed, it has the paddles too and a beaded necklace. They are very nice. How long did it take for you to finish this model?

      • I made this over the span of one week. My guess would be about 15 hours total, but I’m not really sure. Also, thank you for your compliments on my other projects. =D