• jaxster posted an update in the group Group logo of 3DO Artist Network3DO Artist Network January 31, 2013 3:42 am

    Thanks everyone for the support! I had a quick question. Currently the homepage displays 300 images randomly. There our thousands of photos on this site. I also have an option of displaying the newest photos first but there is no option to view any more than 300 of the newest photos. Wondering if you guys would be seeing the homepage with just the latest photos or if you want me to just keep in random being able to show every photo?

    • I think.. for me at least, to show only the newest… I sometimes got lost on the pages cause so many people are uploading new stuff lately! the site has grown so big -hooray- ^^
      on the other side.. the old works deserve attention too.. so I don’t know, it would be awesome, if there were to pages like this.. one for new stuff..one for random..

    • I agree with Danielle, it would be nice to have a page with the new creations too 😉

    • Hi Everyone, So let’s test this out. Currently the homepage is set to show the LATEST wonderful creations!! Let me know if you ever want me to change it back to random. I’ll also work on a sub page so we can have a Latest Creations page and Random page.

    • Good job Jaxster, and i agree about the sub page, go on!

    • Although I like seeing the new items, I would miss be able to revisit the older items. I get so much inspiration from seeing the new and the old. Even though I’ve been on this site for a while, I know I haven’t even come close to seeing all the old pictures and I agree with Danielle, the old works deserve attention. I would want new people to be able to see David Foos’ creations.

    • is there any way to create a slideshow of all images and create a way to make it easier to look at more images rather then refreshing the page? in addition, this can help randomly generate new and old images of work.

    • Hey Jaxster!

      I’m glad you’re back up, I was worries for a bit not able to access the site. I agree with the two pages, one new and one random so we can appreciate everyone’s work no matter old or new 🙂