3D Origami is an exciting way to make beautiful artwork from folded pieces of paper.  Welcome to my website www.3dOrigamiArt.com! My name is Jaxster, and I am an Artist that has devoted a great deal of my life to 3D Origami Art. My goal is to provide videos and links to other 3D Origami Artist. Along with tutorials on how to make 3D Origami.

Origins of 3D Origami
Before it was more popularly known as 3D Origami it was first known as Chinese Paper Folding.  Some people refer to it as Modular Origami while others call it Golden Venture Paper Folding. The original form of Japanese Origami as we know it today is to fold one piece of paper into a variety of different shapes and animals.  Japanese origami began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks from China carried paper to Japan.  The Japanese word “origami” itself is a compound of two smaller Japanese words: “ori”, meaning fold, and “gami”, meaning paper.

For thousands of years the art of Origami was practiced by many.  I’m sure everyone you talk to has done some type of Origami in their life. But how many of you know a 3D Origami Artist?  In the year of 2010, 3D Origami Art is really in it’s infancy.  The Chinese have been folding small pieces of paper into triangles for decades.   Making baskets and swans.  They referred to this as Chinese Paper Folding.  But something happened in the 90’s to popularize this mysterious art form.  286 Chinese immigrants who came to the US aboard the freighter Golden Venture in 1993, ran aground in New York City.  As they were waiting for trial for political asylum they started to make 3D Origami Art from magazines pages.  They would make vases, swans, pineapples, birds, etc.  You can still find many of these images on the internet at http://www.songofhope.org/gvart.htm.

I personally didn’t know about 3D Origami until one day my then girlfriend told me that her father in Korea is into some type of Origami.  I ended up visiting Korea with her and I got a chance to see his artwork.  I was completely amazed at what I saw.  He took the time to teach me his style of 3D Origami Art and from there I came back to the United States and set off on my own adventure.

My future goals is to be one of the fundamental people in popularizing 3D Origami Art in the United States.  So please visit this website often to see all the updates of 3D Origami Artist from around the world.  You’ll be able to learn how to do 3D Origami Art and eventually I hope to make my own 3D Origami Kits.

Please visit our Learn 3D Origami page to learn how to fold the paper properly.  Then visit our Tutorials page and our Diagrams page.  To start connecting please log in first. You can also create an account.

Thanks so much for visiting my website!  ~ Jaxster
Chinese paper folding
Modular Origami

Japanese origami began in the 6th century when Buddhist monks from China carried paper to Japan.