• yotehunter7772 posted an update October 28, 2012 7:55 pm

    Just setting here cutting papers..A few people has asked me how I can cut 100’s of papers so fast…I dunno much about this site here, enough to post a video…But I can try and explain it…I can cut a few 100 papers in no time fast and easy an cheep…I have a $11 paper cutter from Walmart I marked it with the size I want the papers then cut 6 sheets or so long ways then stack them all up an rubber band them together…Then after I have a big stack I take about 20 papers put my pre-cut piece on top to measure the first cut…then cut all 20 or so papers, then underneath I pick up about 20 more no measuring needed just cut the next 20 then the last set…you can have 100’s of paper cut in no time at all for a cheep $11 investment I bought a $90 drop arm cutter but the $11 Walmart and a pair of scissors out preform it..I will post the pics of each step so ya can see how fast an how many can be cut if anyone wants to see?