• randomfreak23 posted an update September 22, 2012 2:16 pm

    just starting out looking at diagrams and tutorials however when folding the triangles, when we fold the corner flaps in there are many differnet ways so dont know what one to follow

    • it really doesent matter which one you follow as long as you get the triangle folded when you make your 3DO model it wont look different at all.. hope this helped

    • Thanks, well im planning to make a bear, and im also doing the puff or jaxster fold – and just to start with i need 750 blue how on earth can u speed up time in one day i made 159 while watching tv olympics and anything else but there must be a faster way

      • It takes time, with practice you’ll get the hang of folding the triangles. Origami is not something you can just “speed up”, it takes time and patience 🙂
        If this is your first time making something, I’d advise on starting with something simple like a swan, but it’s up to you, so good luck with it (Y)

      • like skong said it takes times and a lot of patience but eventually you’ll be folding the triangles and not even have to look at your hands 😀 I can do that now and I’ve been doing origami for almost two years!! I have also tried the jaxster fold… and its a very unique way to fold the paper.. i like it because it give your finished origami a more 3 dimentional look.. but it takes a bit more time.. and i find doing the puff a bit complicated for me but five stars to Jaxster for making such a brilliant new way to fold the triangles 🙂

    • well i started off with a fox which more looked like an owl and ive done a panda, so now im taking on a larger one for a friend and in the past few days i have became faster and sometimes im able to fold the triangle perfectly symetrical. I have also made a system where i continuessly fold triangle and put them in rings to open the bottoms equally then at night i take them apart and puff them up with the pen head. and just with an update i need 750 blue and im already up to 544 so my folding is getting faster . THANKS

    • it looks good but maybe if you would have used a red are a orange they would have not have thought it was a owl.. i like it cause i’m new to origami to i will post my work tonight…..