• pqueen83 posted an update February 23, 2011 4:37 am

    how do i make those triangles look rounder and puffy..mine looks stiff and pointed, i tried the technique using pen after i’ve seen it on julia’s 3d strawberry vid.it doesn’t work on me.. could be my paper.. if try to push pen harder, the pcs got ripped..i’m using thick a4 paper.. not as thick as cardboard, just enough thickness.

    • thanks for your reply..the link directed me to your standard flat point vid, but by opening up the link, i’ve found your advanced puff fold vid co’z it was displayed on the side..gonna try it from now on..thanks so much.. by the way, are you a korean?coz you always mention that you’ve been to korea..just so you know, i’m in S.Korea right now.