• nga1012 uploaded a new picture: 3d origami orchid.j… November 11, 2014 6:56 am

    • beautiful!

    • Hi Nga, it’s beautiful. I like all of your 3d origami models. NGA can u tell me about this small vase. How many pieces you used for Base and how many rows are there. Can you teach me? I want to remake this.

    • thank you Sunita… I used paper size 1/12 a4 ( 5,2 x 8 cm ) for this vase, base of it is 36 pieces, 13 rows with 36 pieces for every row

    • I would also like to remake, how do you make the flower, and leaves please?

    • Thank you ! NGA u r a very kind lady. I like U and your work also.

    • I’m sorry K- origami I dont have tutorials for this, I did it for an order and it was sent

    • you are welcome Sunita 🙂

    • So beautiful Nga *_* how are you doing lately? we haven’t talked in forever!

    • thank you Danielle 🙂 yeah a long time we dont talk I’m sorry … How are you?I was in hospital abt 2 months 😛 then I’m very busy now still have some problem but I can do 3do again ^_^ … Danielle I want to ask you abt you 3do portrait … did you use any software for make diagram before do? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • @nga1012 You’re welcome!!
      It’s okay, I haven’t been online much as well.
      wow 2 months xO But I’m happy you’re home now, and able to make 3DO again ^^ the best way to relax haha^^ hope everything goes better now for you _< I know there are apps that you can turn your picture into pixels as well.. maybe you can find something like that?

    • Yeah I found some but still feel not ok 😀