• nga1012 uploaded a new picture: 3d origami calla li… August 19, 2013 6:00 am

    • What an incredible beauty. o.O

    • This is perfect! Wonderful work! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful Nga!!!! 😀

    • this is sooo beautyfull….cud u pls give some instruction ? thank u

    • is beatiful very nice 😀

    • sooo PRETTY~~~I want to learn how to make it!!!

    • WOOOW!!! Get you the tutorial?
      Wonderful vase

    • It’s so pretty Nga! <33 I miss talking to you!! how are you?

      • thank you Danielle! ^^ I miss you too ^^ I’m fine and wish you’re always fine too 🙂 …I love your 3do picture… so beautiful … T_T I cant be so patience like that T_T hehehe this time I did nothing new just remake some models for learn …some of them from yours hehehe …dont mad at me my friend I asked you long time ago 😀 take good care 🙂

        • And I was away for another month TT__TT But I am back now!! We really need to talk more!! <33 I'm moved to a new place, and i finally feel relieved! ^^ I feel better now!!
          Thank you~~ Yeah it was a very big project, that 3do portrait.. but I'm gonna make some other big projects!! like some birds or animals ^^ haven't made any new projects lately.. but I feel like making new stuff right now.. so I'm folding like crazy haha xD
          haha it's okay you remade some models of me!! you asked me long time ago indeed <3 don't worry about it!! I can never be mad at you!! <33

          • Wish you all the best things in your new place ^^… yeah it’s long time we didn’t talk together… I can feel you’re full energy with 3do 😀 cant wait for see your news works … I’m going to make a portrait about me hehehehe but I still choosing the best photo of me I have too much photo hehehehe just kidding 😀 LOL do something like that make me crazy, really crazy… I’m not good at big project I still fight with flower and vase 😀 OH do you want to see what I remade? please take a look my page ^^ I just did it last month https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?

            for a dear friend's birthday

            Posted by Nga Tran on Saturday, August 10, 2013

            Hope you will like 🙂

            • Thank you~ ^^
              haha I know right, it’s scary, but I just finally found my 3DO spirit back FINALLY!! I’m so happy!! feels like comming home again.. (specially on this site)
              haha yeah it’s often easier to just make small projects… I really wanna come up with original designs again.. but I’m not so creative yet.. feels like I’ve to start up again LOL xD I’m just gonna try to make some realistic stuff first..to get back into it.. and hopefully later I can make original designs again ^^
              THEY ARE AWESOME NGA!! OMG I love them!! even tho you remade them, you just added your own little touch! they’re perfect!! <33