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    • I can`t stop from beeing amazed by Your works my friend. Your works are art writen with BIG A on beagining 🙂 You have great ideas and far better finish when You are making that kind of experiments with 3DO. I wanted to try making birds with Paper 3do and watt to make it more realistic but i dont have good idea how to make it:)

      • Thanks a lot Marcin 🙂 i just try to do my best!.
        About the bird, which one u wanna make? i would give some help as much as i can 🙂 i promise.

        • I didn`t think which bird to make it in that kind of form. I have too many to do on my list cuz i finaly got back to my 3DO i started with “how to” for my dolphin and got request to make somekind of different sailor moon character 🙂 and later maby ill make another dolphin or just get star my new different big dragon project 🙂
          About bird i just though that using wat to make it a bit mor realistic could give nic results 🙂 that was my free thinking and i wanted to know what great artist like You think about it:)

          • Good Marcin 🙂 i wish u da best in everything u do my friend, Amen 🙂
            And about bird, if u asking me about the material, i would answer “polymer clay” like “Fimo” i think no one don’t know it 😀 it gonna give you the most realistic bird u ever seen…. But…… you must be sculptor 😀
            I made an Egyptian eagle b4 by it and it’s seems so real, but it’s another gift from the Lord to know how to forming by Clay not all of us can do it. So! try to mix between art like i did lately, to make the bird by Origami and it’s beak by Clay to give it more nice look 😉 and don’t be worry it’s easy to make beak anyone can do this part easily.
            I wish it could help.

    • nice work mohammad 🙂