• mohammadnofal uploaded a new picture: Minions July 7, 2013 11:24 am

    Re-make of minions with Nofal's touch 😉

    Body & head: 1/32 A4
    Glasses & legs: 1/64 A4
    Feet: 1/128 A4
    Arms: 1/256 A4 and thats da smallest piece i can fold for now 😉

    • I do not really like this character, but your work is perfectly done! 🙂

    • Awesome! How did you make the gloves/hands? I just posted my minions as well 🙂

      • ThanQ Shawn 🙂 the gloves made of flat paper surround the arm, cylindrical, shape the fingers, cut & glue ends 🙂 if it not clear don’t hesitate to ask again Shawn 🙂

    • how many pieces for this model baby?

      • In fact 😀 i don’t even count pieces for the big one to know how many pieces will be for the baby one 😀 but if u wanna make a baby one i think it would take quarter number of pieces here 😀 count it with yourself then Lapis hehehehe

    • This is awesome Mohammad! Love your techniques to all your models! You inspire me!

    • awesome mohammad, as always. do you mind if i remake one myself, by looking at your model:D

    • Hi Nofal 🙂 I want to build three minions for my sons. Actually this is my first project for 3D origami and i want to seek for your help here. The only thing i learned is how to make the the triangle pieces. May I ask, could you provide me the actual sizes of paper for each piece you have used? especially the minion arms, just WOW. You actually can fold those small pieces of paper? Amazing! Oh and could you please give me a photo of the top, bottom and side views of the minion? I really don’t know how to start this thing actually so I siincerely ask for your help on this please 😀 Thank you in advance 😀

      • Hello Eric,, usually i use size 1/32 A4, but sometimes i fold 1/128 A4 like here in minion’s arms, and about the pics u want i gonna post in my fb page:
        http://www.facebook.com/nofalshop as soon as possible, and any help you want just ask and i promise to give more help as much as i can.

        *Sorry for late reply cuz i’m not here usually like b4

    • This is really beautiful!!
      What you actually use: diagrams, tutorials, improvisation … ?
      You inspire me and many others …