• mohammadnofal uploaded a new picture: Peacocks.jpg April 22, 2012 4:14 pm

    • Beautiful!

    • Very nice! I like it.

    • I wonder how could you find time to fold all those pieces!!!
      Do you fold when you sleep also???
      Beautiful peacocks!

      • As you know that i fold from 20 to 25 triangles/min!! and i have my own group also so that we make anything faster 😉
        ThanQ dear fausta 🙂

    • beautiful..

    • So many peacocks! Like you have nothing else to do 😛

    • Should think about business, not much money but enough for buy paper 4 continue do the work u like 🙂 just kidding I know u dont need to do that u still have enough money buy paper, so give it as a gift for someone who love it and need hope 🙂 . If i have a group like yours I’ll open a shop, it’s the way make many people know about 3do art

      • I have about 600 kgm of many different paper in size and color!! i had never thought about how to collect money!! cuz we bring the money not money brings us!! and when u love what u do you can spent all your money on it with a big smile and feel so happy!!
        When we start our group last year there are alot of people don’t know about this art, but now i think this art is more widespread here in Egypt specially we teach all people for free 🙂
        Don’t think about money again Nga 😉 take it easy girl 😉

        • 🙂 I give all my book for everybody who need it and teach everybody about 3do and I never think about money just want to make them understand it and love it, I think I could do something for art cuz more people know about 3do by me 🙂 I spent all my money for buy paper with great smile ( still want to buy more 🙂 ) I think I dont care much about money 🙂 however I like to earn money by what I can do the best 🙂

          • Good luck 4 u Nga 🙂

            • Thank u and I know it’s not about money 🙂 . I chat with many young girls ( girls have special situation like me) they just see a dark future but I know deep inside their soul they still want to be a useful people, still want to do something for their family and be a little part of this world. We can’t work as a normal person but we still want to work and this social forgot that 🙂 . I think about money cuz I want to connect all them and we’ll open a shop. A chance for all can do something, just need a little but we’ll happy. It’s not cuz money , it’s cuz find meaning of our life, make it be meaning. I always thank God cuz I have a family for love and something to do but many people are not lucky like that so I want to do something for them and If I want to do that I need more money than I’m having. And If I can have a good life by myself , can success, they’ll look at me and have more strength for keep trying. We’re lost meaning of art if we talk about money in art but sometime we need money for art and feed our dream 🙂 . Just my dream

              • I can only agree with you Nga, I have no idea how my live was when I never found out about 3DO!

                • yes, I can see u because I don’t know what my life could be If I didn’t found 3DO and I always say that if u don’t going through u’ll not understand “why” 🙂

                  • Yes indeed! It’s hard when you can’t do everything you want anymore, because you have an desease. And i’m so happy that I still can make 3DO without to much pain. I’m working hard the last days to make stuff for a market on may 20. I’m really looking forward to make people happy and let them know about 3DO 😀

                    • In this time I can’t make 3do like before because I have many problem but I never give up and still try to learn more 🙂 . it’s a happiness when we can make more people know about 3do 🙂 . Best wishes!

                      • I understand, For now my arm hurts like hell, so I have to stop with folding for at least today. 🙁 Sometimes that can be very annoying, cause I have so many ideas and I really want to make them! But I won’t give up eather!

                        • U should take a rest for your hand, learn to love yourself 🙂 Oh In this time I dont have any idea so I’ll take rest ^^ . wish u’ll be fine soon, take care my friend!

                          • you are right! I have to love myself, and it’s going better already. I was kinda blocking myself and didn’t enjoy doing origami. But now I totally love it again! I do have to listen to my body, otherwise it will hurt a lot. And I learned that lesson again 🙂

                            • Origami? I dont like it much cuz I fold not good , hix hix T_T I cant fold a kawasaki rose so I give up it T_T I have to learn to love myself too cuz my hand be hurt again 🙁 but I still want to make some …..

                              • hmm..yeah, I didn’t even love 3d origami.. too weird..

                                🙁 hopefully your hand won’t hurt anymore soon! -hug-

                                • Dont worry my friend I’ll take a rest in long time, I’m unhappy when I do that but it’s good for myself 🙁 . U was wrong cuz If u dont love u’ll never can make many beautiful things like that 🙂 u’ll not spens many time for it, u just dont realize that how much u love it :)-hug-

                                  • Maybe you are right. it’s probably the pain that makes it harder to fold. and that I won’t love it as much as I want.

                                    I hope you will be alright soon! and that you won’t be unhappy anymore!! -hug-

        • i am so happy for you
          i think like you
          I think we are all the same but live in different continents very far apart

    • that peacocks are great, i see it from general album and i don’t know it’s yours 🙂


    • I’m totally in love with the design! They’re just gorgeous.
      These peacocks make you happy by just looking at them, with all their nice and bright colours! 😀

    • this peacock are amaizing. can you send to me the diagram i really want to make one of those. tks. nenitamia@msn.com

    • i really love your peacocks! They are so amazing! 🙂

    • wonderfoull 🙂