• mehry and Profile picture of daantjuh3dgdaantjuh3dg are now friends November 4, 2014 9:30 am

    • hi danielle, how are u?
      I have spoke highly of you & your works to my family & show them your 3do.
      they are very nice & cute.

    • @mehry Hi Setare!! I’m okay, kinda struggling.. but okay =) how are you?
      aww thank you so much!! I’m trying to make new models.. but so busy.. omg haha

    • mehry replied 6 years ago

      hi danielle?how are u?
      where are u?
      I have some questions:
      1.do you use paper for your 3do?
      2.teach me how did you make the global (I mean the earth) ? that is so beautiful.
      thaaaaaaanks a lot.