• Martinero uploaded a new picture: Dragon without wing… October 25, 2013 12:56 am

    Head isnt mounted yet so its only put to see how it`s look like

    • Brilliant Marcin! i like it!

    • this is looking so awesome Marcin!! even without wings it is already impressive! love everything about it!

      • Ty i could do better but time is on my back i wanted to make it as my personal concept but my cousin saw the head and said that he would like something from my colection so i said that i`ll give him this dragon when ill end it.Christmas is cooming so i wanted to give him it as a present so my nextdragon will be for me 🙂 if noone from my environment will see it and would want it so it will became another gift 🙂
        I should make more precision on rows to be equal and it`s a lil bit crooked but as my first dragon concept im proud of it now only wings and im done^^

        • you’re welcome!!
          hmm too bad you will give it to your cousin, but it’s always nice to give people your works! <3 at least you could practice for your own one haha 😉
          don't worry about it, it looks awesome, and you learned from this one, so the next one will be even more awesome!! can't wait for the completed version!!! <3

          • I`ll need some time and rest and i should start new dragon. I hope that my bro will buy for me new 500 cards of paper red this time so i won`t have that paper troubles again with end of it 🙂 I have concept in my head and on paper it will be
            decisively different from this one this is standing and another one will be standing on 4 feets not two 🙂

            • it’s good to take some rest, before strating a new one ^^
              hopefully your brother will buy an other pack of paper!!

              it’s gonna be huge, that’s for sure!! can’t wait!

              • I plan to take rest for christmas than i`ll start that new one and my bro will buy it for me 🙂

                • that’s okay!! we all need some rest form time to time 😉
                  awesome that your bro will buy it for you ^^

                  • He`smy personal paper man for bigger projects 🙂 and we are good brothers 🙂

                    • that’s good ^^
                      haha always easy to have a personal paper man xD I have to find it all by myself haha xD I’ll gonna upload a picture later of my papers xD when my Brown ones arrived ^^ -I don’t have a paper obsession at all xD-

                      • It`s good to have personal paper man but I have to chose colour/hue myself so I can make something the way I wan`t it 🙂
                        We all have our personal obssesion but i know Your bigger obssesion than paper 🙂 but in positive way

    • This is marvelous.Great job Marcin.

    • Looks amazing, I like what you’ve done with the eyes 🙂 Can’t wait to see it completed 😀

    • wow. you’re works are really great!! 😀