3DO Artist Network


Thanam Loganathan


Selangor, Malaysia




25 July 1983

Questions About Me

When and how did you find out about 3D Origami?

I have started when I’m 13 years old (1996). My Chinese friend introduce it to me. one of the shop near to my school has sold some diagrams on this with papers. I have done Phone, dragon, pineapple, boat, swan, peacock, rooster, penguin, frog, crocodile, cycle and baskets. I stopped doing it cause of my exam. After I finished my study, I have worked as a Teacher in a primary school (2003), art has been one of my teaching subject. I have teach 3d origami to my student. they all love to learn it and did some. After a few year, I started to do it (2011) and I love to do it. Now my office friends also interest with this.

Favorite 3D Origami Artist

All the members in 3d origami art. very cute, nice and beautiful stuffs from they all increase my interest in 3d origami.

Do you use glue?

ya, when i do it for others