• Kandace posted an update November 6, 2014 5:52 am

    i love 3d origami. i have been doing it 7 months and what to make what i do look cooler and awesomer. if i sound young i am, i really like Nga Tran and Mahammod Nofal’s designs ,which they don’t have tutorials for, So if there anyone else out there who can help me out i’d greatly appreciate. Thank You:)

    • HI! welcome to the site~~ most 3D Origami artist don’t make tutorials.. maybe we are to lazy, or the models are to complicated to explane haha. but you should look for cute tutorials on youtube, like jewellia7777, she has cute and easy ones ^^
      but after a while you can make your own designs! I’m sure~~

    • Thank’s Danielle, but believe me…i stay on youtube looking at 3d origami tutorials, especially Razcapapercraft. every since i started 3dorigami my family has been so proud, but believe me when i say this, when my mom looked at Nga Tran’s photos she immediately got hooked on how preety and straight they looked, so she’s been on a quest for great tutorials for me to do. And i have an art extravaganza coimmg up at a church that my family and mom wants me to do by Dec 6, 2014 and sell the stuff that i made, but i only had like 15 things now, i’m really stressed out. Do you think you could help me or give me any advice. My mom said were going to have to have a paper folding party, 😉 yeah right.

    • I totally understand!
      what I would suggest, specially the amount of time you have, is to make things, with a small amount of pieces, sometimes less is more!!
      try to make some butterflies, or a flower for example. and if you have some time left (and fold fast) then you can also do some bigger things.. you can find patterns/diagrams on google as well..
      is there anything specific, what you would love to make? I wanna try to help you look for tutorials/diagrams, if you’re not comfortable to design yourself yet =)