• gimeniux0598 uploaded a new picture: Stick Tail Peacock March 17, 2011 11:36 am

    I made this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriends family. I used a picture of a real peacock to change the pattern jewellia used in her tutorial, i very realistic looking peacock.

    • This is pretty awesome. =]

      I was looking at your youtube video and saw that you had made a toucan in it. Since I saw a similar toucan before in another video, I was wondering whether or not there were instructions for it somewhere that I haven’t come across?

      • I know the video you talk about, from Dorian Sol’s collection, i actually made my toucan by eye from the pictures in it. They look alike, but i think mine came out a little different. I don’t have a diagram but i could make from mine iif you want to, i’ll let you know when i finish it.

    • The great thing about the new Album page is that I get to see artworks that I haven’t seen for a while. Then when you comment, it goes to the top of the activity page. Very nice peacock.