• fiz1 posted an update July 2, 2012 12:19 pm

    Mohammad, do you have a diagram for the body of your peacock (the one that you modified and modified lol) and can you tell me how you incorporated the feathers onto your peacock. On your peacock it seems as though its incorporated into the body. I’ve added a pic of the feathers that my girls made, we’ve only done 14 so far and working on another 6, hopefully will be finished by tomorrow.

    • OK! let us agree first that i don’t follow diagrams and i don’t make them also 😀 cuz i tried b4 to make one and when i send it to a friend here he found it just a ….. “the most hard diagram he ever saw” 😀 maybe cuz i can’t do it right maybe cuz it is right 😀 who knows!
      I can tell you how to incorporate the feathers with da body but i think that u said u still a beginner! and it would be hard way for you. So! the easy way to glue them together as i was do at the first time i start make peacock at 2009 🙂