• fiz1 posted an update July 2, 2012 12:02 pm

    Hi Mohammad, Thanks for your message. I did actually send you a message when i first saw your peacock to ask if you had a diagram. As i didn’t hear from you, i assumed you were busy. The problem that i have is not the actual body at the moment. I can’t get the feathers to stand up, they’re too heavy and flop down. I need to think of away that they would. It would be cheating but i was thinking of using sticks to help. I cant restart the project as we need to finish this off for the children’s leaving party. I was thinking if it would look alright if we use a swan that we made earlier for the feathers to sit. I would really appreciate your input as i’ve only started origami and your models that you’ve made are amazing.

    • Oh!! sorry Feroza! i just saw them right now! and Chene talking about you with me, it’s not about busy but i don’t read most of my inbox here, so that i write my mail ID at my profile cuz i open it 24/day on my mobile phone, if anyone wanna ask about 3DO just sent a message there and i gonna see it immediately.
      First of all, i wanna thank you for your praise on my works. I think if u wanna use a sticks to help from backside is a good idea if u want the easy way, but about myself i build up all feathers separated and “VARNISH” them, and when the varnish dry it will be more firm and do not flop down while i attach them on the body.
      Wish u all da best Feroza.