• fiz1 posted an update July 2, 2012 5:29 am

    I’m trying to re-make a peacock similar to Chenne’s and Mohammad’s at work with the children. The peacock is being made with A5 sized paper. The feathers on the peacock are too heavy and won’t stand up, can anyone suggest away of keeping them up.

    • Hello Feroza! why u didn’t asking me! i think that i would give some help!! anyway, you need to make a tail to lean on it with the 2 legs, but if u want a new way! you need to make the feathers from 80gsm paper and body from 125gsm paper just to achieve the balance between feathers and body! and this way that i told u about is my new way to achieve the line of balance to make it without tail next time, am working on it in real 🙂
      If u need any help don’t hesitate to ask Feroza.