• dfoosdc uploaded a new picture: Raptor-profile January 9, 2016 8:16 pm

    • Unbelievable. You truly have a gift for 3D Origami.

    • …… …. mr.foos this is way better than imaged wow speechlesss

      • Thanks for the compliment. Coming from you that’s a real honor. I am on you tube. I’ve been working on a video to upload there. I really need to get some better equipment (Camcorder).

    • Unbelievable and speechless on seeing your project , u r truly gifted mr.foos. after a long time here, otherwise i would have missed to see your raptor

    • Golden Venture would be so proud you’ve given a new dimension on their craft.. they’d be surely amazed if they would see your work.

    • Once again, AMAZING work !
      Just would know how many pieces you need at all ? ( or just an approximation, ’cause with the little side of pieces, i have no idea )
      Also, have you plan to make a tutorial ;D ? I think a LOOOOOT of persons would to 😉
      One last time, wanna tell ya, how you work is nicer and awesomier than every ohters creation 3d ( sry guys but it’s true ;D )

      • I’m guessing probably around 5000 pieces. As far as doing a tutorial, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Most of my models are designed as I go. I suppose if I were to make several of them I might be able to do it. I kind of like not having a diagram to work with. It gives me more freedom to do what ever I want with it. Thanks for the complements. It always encourages me to try to top the last project. As always anyone who wishes to strike out on their own and try something like this, I’m always here to help and/or offer advice.

        • Ok ^^, i gonna try to make something with these littles pieces 🙂
          Continue to make us dream with your news creations !!

          • I would start with something easy. try to see the basic shapes involved. It will help you understand what you need to do. I also recommend studying a few pictures of the subject and keep them handy for reference.

    • Hello. It is a wonderful job. My son is fond of dinosaurs and want to have one. What size in inches are the pieces? Have diagram? Thank you very much. I hope you do not mind

    • This is wonderful, an example of what to achieve.