• Destrel posted an update March 4, 2016 8:21 am

    @nga1012 @nga1012 @nga1012 Hi there! Your art/work/origami is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I have a question regarding the dream catcher (mostly yellow, with a little white and red) I would love to make one and was wondering what the starting base is for both rings? I tried counting them from the picture and it LOOKS like two rows of 18 for the bigger circle. Can you verify this? Also what is the base number for the small one? Thank you !!

    • Hmm. I didnt count 😛 I just do cause I didnt use the same qty pieces for every time I do … 1 row 2p 1 row 1p, make stick long enough then bend it be a circle . I used size 3,5x 5,3 cm for circle and2,1 x 3,5 cm for web