• daantjuh3dg uploaded a new picture: Sam Carter [LUNAFLY] August 18, 2013 11:12 am

    It took me 8033 pieces for this project, finished in about 2-3 weeks!!
    It's about 35cm by 45 cm
    I really love it, and I think I am gonna try this more often!!

    • OMG! this is astonishing!!! Great work!!

    • This is AMAZINGG!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!! Please Danielle how you made this awesome project?

    • wow! Very amazing!

    • i alvays wanted to try ths sort of art but for now ill stick with that i know becouse im still to beaginner to start higher levels of origami ^^

      • haha it’s not so hard actually Marcin! it’s only a LOT of work xD you just need a picture in pixels (if you wanna know a program to do that, let me know) and then you just build normal layers and inverted layers ^^

        • I`ll ask on it on pm cuz i have some things to speak with You like old days 😀

        • WOW! This is awesome Danielle!!! I’ve been wanting to try this 🙂 I havnt folded in SOOOO LONG, i miss it! Been very busy with work and studying 🙁

          • Thank you Shawn!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I saw on DA it’s your BD haha 😉
            I haven’t folded for a while as well, just started back up, and I’m so excited to make some awesome stuff again!! Hope you can go back to folding soon again as well <3

    • wow! amazing!

    • Looks AMAZING, :O 8000 pieces, good job!

    • Wow, is there any way that you can explain how you done this? Can this be done with any kind of image?

      • haha yeah it’s not so hard, you need a picture in pixels, there are programs for that! and if you have one, can be of anything, than you buils normal rows and inverted rows!

    • WOOOW, you can this really good danielle!!

    • This is so awesome Danielle. How did you make your pattern… do you have a pixel making software of some sort… any tips coz i’m the process of wanting to create an image using that kind of flat model but I have to create a pattern… ur good at this.. and tip will be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Btw, where did you get dark color paper.. is that dark brown or chocolate or black.. tnx 🙂

      • Yes I used a program, I don’t remember right now how it is called, if you wanna know, I’ll try to look it up for you..
        I used normal and inverted rows, to make it flat! not so hard, but YES that’s why it’s both sided!! ^^ that small image is the back indeed ^^
        I use paper of the brands Fastprint and Fizz for this one ^^ try to look for it ^^

    • BTW Danielle, I notice something in your photo…. it picture in the bottom right.. is that the back of the picture… is it Origami pieces too… so its like double image… that is so cool!

    • wow, nice