• daantjuh3dg posted an update May 10, 2012 9:36 am

    okay, an other art-theft thingy, please check out the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTigX92z7B4&feature=plcp at least works of @dfoosdc are in it, also from the ressian site. He/she is also trying to sell it. also check his/her blog: http://handmadelemele.blogspot.com/ Please do report this if your works are in it. (he/she shouldn’t talk about copyright on his/her blog)

    • I looked the vid on youtube and it’s INCREDIBLE! >:O There is David Foos vases, Jaxster’s jewellery box and a lot of pic from the russian site!!
      In the blogspot there is another Jaxster’s box and others pic from the russian website!!!!!

    • And in the site http://handmadelemele.blogspot.com/ is said that the material posted there are under copyright!!!!!
      I can’t believe it!

      • Indeed it is incredible, and the reactions we both gave on the vid, are removed, so they didn’t liked it I think. The vid is still on… *sigh*

    • I don’t think I’ll ever understand art thieves.
      But really, this is gonna happen more often when 3DO gets more popular..

    • that site is in romanian. and that copyright statement is a big pile of @#$%
      “The materials posted on this site is protected under Copyright Law. Taking them (even as fragments) without my written consent,is a crime and is criminally liable.”
      thats basicaly bullshit coz i dont see any copyright logo besides on the pics he/she uses on the site. plus he/she might be a member here we just dont know who she/he is

      • I know ricardo! he/she can’t talk about copyright..
        anyway I know who he/she is, I won’t say who, I’ll first wait what the reply on my personal message will be. it’s a member here indeed. sadly