• daantjuh3dg uploaded a new picture: Keeper of the Key May 24, 2012 9:18 am

    Please! ask me if you want to remake this!

    • Now that’s cute! Thanks for the smile.

    • OMG! this is awesome 🙂 i like the way you made hearts everywhere! even the heart tail 😉

    • Sweet beautiful work Danielle! 🙂

    • Awesome! Awesome! Awesome Danielle!!!! 🙂

    • cute 🙂

    • That’s really creative 😀 great work 😀

    • It’s sooooooo cute I love it

      • Thank you Nga! (Everything okay? haven’t seen you a lot around lately)

        • Thank u for your care my friend 🙂 I’m still fine, really really fine . i just was very busy with my big plan 😀 . I’m making a collection for children 🙂 It’s hard to me maybe cause I’m not still young for make something like that 😀 😀 😀 but I’m trying . Busy with my plan make me feel so happy ( hehehe I don’t need to fold anymore , I can buy pieces 😀 ) . I’m doing a part of my dream and everything seem very good 🙂 , I wish it’ll be success . Oh I want u admit me ramake your works please! ( some works, if u see it some where was made by me, plz dont angry because I’m asking u right now 🙂 )
          I’m sorry because someone sell your work on internet, It’s really bad thing but look at the bright side u’ll see that u’r really famous 🙂 and your works’r really beautiful . Forgive them and forget , they’re not worthy of your care and your time 🙂 . I wish u always feel happy in your life

          • We have to care about each other 😉
            I love to hear that you are making a kids collection! and I am sure you will do a great job (cause age doesn’t matter for your creativity ;))
            ha your lazy!:P lol, no, it’s good that you can buy pieces, that’s better for your hands 🙂 should be better for me also, but I just love to fold my own pieces
            It’s good to hear that you live a part of your dream (which I’m doing now also!) I think it will be a succes! you are good at what you are doing 😉
            And don’t worry about that you are remaking my stuff, you did asked that a long time ago also, I agreed with it 😉
            I know it’s sad about the art-theft etc. But I don’t worry a lot about that actually, I hope that they will be honest in the future only. I’m only worried about my market may 20, that I will be done with everything on time etc.
            But I am happy after all ^-^ And even happier when I’ve been on that market and sell a lot of my stuff, so other people will be happy to, and then I will make bigger projects again. :D:D:D

            • Hehehe It’s not real buy, I can cut paper by modern machine ( I have friend in printing company )and I give paper for some people, they help me fold and get money from me :D. I also love to fold by myself cause it’s nicer, but I can’t fold all for a big plan like this 🙂 . I started make some basic cartoon animal and the first time I tried to make some things in a book 😀 It’s hard for me cause I never made the same thing and never read carefully a book 😀 I love to make everything by my way, but It’s still ok till now 🙂
              I’m happy too cause We’re doing our dream , and I wish our dream will come true 🙂 If it can’t come true in this time we’ll do it again in next time and next time…till the fate must smile with us 🙂 i’m sure about that
              OHHHHHHHHHH. If I can come that market I’ll buy your tiny works 🙂 I love them very much 🙂 . U’ll be success because your works are really beautiful and u’r great artist ( i think u do my plan better than I do cause u can make many cute works for kids , If U were here I’ll ask you do my plan with me) Best wishes my dear 🙂

              • that sounds awesome! cutting is worse for my arms 🙁 no matter which way I doo it. a cutting machine would be so awesome, could use it on school, when I still was there, I could cut many papers at ones. 😀 but now i have to do it by hand.
                I never use a book also, only to watch the pictures and try to remake it is much easier for me. 😛
                We never stop with trying to make are dream true! and when we did we an make an other dream come true 😀
                That would be awesome if you could come to the market! 😉 I really enjoy to go sunday, even it is stressful now, to get everything done on time etc. but it is absolutly worth it. they would like all if it I think!
                (I think you work out your plan as best as you can, everybody works different! but if I was there I would love to help you ;))

                • Yeah, It’s very awesome when I can cut paper by model machine , it’s very awesome when watch a machine cut paper , all in one cut and very accurate ^^ . High technology machine is so wonderful.
                  I also never use diagram because It’s easier when we do it by our own way 🙂 but in this time I must remake some model in book so I tried to read it but I think I still dont read it carefuly 😀 just see some photos and remake 🙂 Maybe we love freedom in art very much, freedom make we can creative, make we can go far….
                  Everything will find my dear 🙂 I’m sure because your works are really beautiful and because U did them by your love with art . I wish i could be there…. I love to enjoy all market ( I love shopping hehehe )
                  If u were here UHM! I think I have many work ask u to help me 😀 😀 😀 . I must try all my best for this plan, it’s really big plan, it’s very hard work ,but I feel happy when I do it . The important’s not ” success or not “, the important is I have a chance for trying for working and happy when I working 😀
                  Best wishes my dear! – hug-

                  • Yes I know what you mean!
                    I think we do love freedom in our art! you can give it you own touch. and that will make it exclusive 😉
                    the market was awesome, so many happy faces by seeing it. lot’s of positive feedback 😀 that’s what make me strong, and keep on doing what I love ^-^ Lot’s of kids love to learn how to make those cute little figures. but not only kids, also adults, grandma’s and some grandpa’s (but grandpa’s and men are worried about their image 😛 lol)
                    anyway, my day was awesome, but took a lot of my energy. (i’m still recovering from sunday)
                    The most important thing of our work is enjoying it, no matter what other people think about it! or if it works or not!
                    best wishes to you too! -hug-

                    • Congratulation my dear ! ^_^ I know your feeling. It’s very great when kids like 3do and the feeling when everybody love our works always very great ^^
                      Hixxxx TT_TT I found a website in my country and they sell my works on there, and many other works are not belong to them , it’s really bad thing. But I believe that if someone want to know about my work they’ll call for me or send mail for me ( that’s why I always write all information for contact with me on photo I dont want someone use my works for cheat everybody) .
                      I’m happy for you and I wish I can see many 3do work of you soon, and I wish I’ll can tell you that my plan complete in success on 6 months later . Best wishes!

    • Great work! This is my favorite from your dragon series so far. :3 I really love the idea!

    • Beautiful! It looks so cute n full of details, me likey~

    • Danielle!!! Beautiful once again my friend! Really love this one! Everything about it!!!:)

    • i realy like the way it looks like its skin!! i still cant do it! its so curlly!!! like this love dragon

      • Thank you Fifi! I always loved dragons, but it was hard to find the right shape, but I think this one is right! ^-^
        but remember, you can make everything you want, as long as you want! even when it will take time 🙂