• daantjuh3dg posted an update May 5, 2012 5:33 am

    hurted my arm really badly, just by leaning on it. I heard some kind of crack 🙁 it aren’t my bones, I’m sure of that. But it hurts with doing some folding 🙁

    • OMG!!! 🙁 plz Danielle try to check a doctor, and i really hope you be better so soon, AMEN!

      • Don’t worry, I’m used to it! It’s because of the deseases I have (Ehlers Danlos and Fibromyalgia) My body is just weird… last year I injuried my knee, just by standing up..took me months to recover..

        • OMG! so plz Danielle take more attention next time in ur movements or when you try to make something unusual! ok Dannielle!,, and i really wish to you a long healthy life fill of happiness with beloved family, AMEN!

          • I will pay more attention Mohammad 🙂 It’s always the simple movements that will hurt the most.
            and thank you so much -hug-

    • OMG Danielle! I’m so sorry for that!
      I never heard the EDS syndrome before, i looked for it in the web and…oh! is so bad! >:O
      I wish you’ll feel better soon my friend, with all my heart! 🙂 hug –

    • Oh Sweetie…do hope that your arm feels better soon! You’re an amazing girl for the fantastic talent you are & for the strength you have for living w/EDS & Fibromyalgia. Take care of yourself! <3

      • Thanks Lisa! I will take care of myself, even when it is hard sometimes 🙂 But luckely there are awesome people here ^-^ who support me 🙂 like you -hug-
        my arm is doing a bit better today 🙂

    • 🙁 sorry to hear that … get well soon!

    • Wat vervelend om te horen! =( Blijf het dan lang pijn doen? Ik hoop het niet voor je..
      Ik heb nog niet eerder van Ehlers Danlos gehoord, dus ik kan me er ook niet veel bij voorstellen. =/
      Veel beterschap in ieder geval! <3 -hug-

      • Is het ook! gelukkig duurt het dit keer niet al te lang, kan al weer vouwen, moet alleen opletten met zwaardere dingen.
        Ehlers danlos houd eigenlijk in dat je overbewegelijk bent, sommige vinden dat leuk, maar als het pijn gaat doen niet. Daarbij heb ik weke delen reuma, dus dat schiet niet echt op.
        Dankje!! -hug- ^-^

    • Hey Danielle, so sorry I haven’t really been on this website for a while if I did I would of seen this post about your health. I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain. I hope by this time you’re feeling better. Please take care of yourself, and like you said even though we are in different parts of the world we can still be supportive and encouraging 🙂

      • Hey Shawn! it’s okay -hug- It’s good to be here with so many friends, who supports me, and help me when needed. I’m feeling better already, can fold again, I only have to pay attention with heafy things. So hopefully in a few days everythings okay. let’s hope that I won’t be in pain soon again..

    • Take care friend