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    skong125 - "WOAH, what’s with these Forum Starting bots?! Been ages since I’ve been online due to stressful terms and exams."View
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    mohammadnofal - "The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge. “Albert Einstein”"View
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    caco21 - "How I have missed my friends from here and the amazing work, I haven’t made any 3DO in a very long time (about a year) but I’m now back once more from my long “vacation” haha I just don’t know what to start with, […]"View
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    zsozsothedog - "Happy new year 3D origami addicts:P i hope everybody will get the best of 2013 😀"View
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    gimeniux0598 - "I just got back from what i call “my 3D Origami recession” i’ve been so busy with college since ever, but i’m on a 3 week break and i’m plannig on doing a Cinnamoroll tutorial and a Toucan tutorial very soon ^^"View
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