• jaxster started the forum topic How did you find 3dorigamiart.com in the group Group logo of 3DO Artist Network3DO Artist Network: March 21, 2011 3:26 pm

    I was just wondering how people got turned on to 3dorigamiart.com… was it a google search? maybe an invite or a friend let you know? Very interested to know how you guys got here. Thanks!

    • I googled Jaxster Origami, heard about you on youtube.

    • I googled ”3D Origami” to find a new shapes to make, i found a nice turtle belongs to ”Nga”, i followed her in Yahoo to ask about ”how to make”, then i found another great shape belongs to ”David Foos” amazing parrot!! i asked ”Nga” how to talk with ”David Foos”, she said it’s too easy!! just subscribe in http://www.3dorigamiart.com and talk to him. Then i did 🙂
      So! thanks to ”Nga” & thanks to ”David” because they are the main reason to bring me here to be a member of this great community.
      And thanks to ”Jaxster” cuz he gathering all of us together in one place to contribute with each other in 3D Origami Art.

    • i wacthed one of your videos

    • I did a google search for 3D Origami – upon searching 100’s of pages I found this one (and many others a long the way).

      • Yeah that’s how I first started getting content for the site. I was just like you… looking EVERYWHERE for something 3d origami… I spent hours searching the internet… then I thought there must be others just like me. So I decided to just post all the links I found. Then I decided just to make the site community based so we can support and help others out. I never knew the community would turn out to be so helpful. It’s so cool how in 3d origami culture other artists are so helpful to each other. It’s like we really want everyone to enjoy make 3d origami… and I guess as we know 3d origami isn’t for everyone. To have the amount of patience to do it is very difficult which I guess is what helps bond us all together.

    • I found your site on my never ending quest for new ideas. So far this is the best one going. some of the other sites out there never really seem to update regularly if at all. This one is a gold mine that I hope only grows better. I’m always spreading the word when ever possible.

      • I totally agree with you David… I really hope it grows. I’m pretty impressed with the talent that is currently on this website… I truly believe some of the best 3D Origami artists in the world are members to this site. I can’t wait for 3D Origami to become more main stream… and when it does I hope this group gets recognized as great contributors.

        • With The artist we have on this site I don’t see how It wouldn’t. Every time I show people this art form they are amazed. I really surprise it’s remain such a “secret” for as long as it has.

          • I know… sometimes I travel and I’ll fold pieces on the plane. I don’t really like talking to people when I’m on the plane but every time I whip out my paper and start folding there’s always a conversation that starts… but the best conversation I had was when I was flying from New York to California and there was a 13 year old boy that was traveling back from Afghanistan and he was so into me folding my paper… so I gave him some to try out and he caught on really fast… by the end of the flight we made a 3d origami ball and all the flight attendants kept coming back to see how much he completed. I let him take the ball home… I told him about this site… i hope one day he finds it.

          • sorry about the misspellings. I think faster than I type.