Spotlight: 3DO Artist Nga

Here are some great artworks by Nga.  Nga had sent me a message about how to get an article posted.  I took one look at the amount of work that was created and knew there had to be a post.  Here’s what Nga has to say:

Oh I like 3d origami Parrot of David Foos very much it’s really nice and I found him too.I sent a messages for him Because I want to know how to make it.I’m Viet Nam.I’m 26.I’m not good with my hands and I don’t know about art.I have been ill when I’m 18 (hematolytic).Now,My health is stable.I have alot of free time and I made 3d origami Because It’s easier than other art.I love it and It’s make me happy.I have a small online shop.Please check in my blog to see. .I like your 3d origami basket very much It’s very nice and all your 3d o are nice,your technique’s very good.Can you exchange experience with me?Best wishes!