3D Origami Piglet by Jaxster

I saw some really cool 3D Origami Piglets online and thought to myself that I really want to make one.  I looked and studied Piglet pics online to see what type I wanted to make and I saw one really cute baby Piglet.  So I model my design after that picture.  I wanted my Piglet to be smaller than most of my other artworks just in case I make a Pooh it will be proportional.  Piglets base is made up of 20 pieces and the arms and legs are made up of 13 pieces.  The base, body and head are made up of pieces that are 4.5cm x 3cm.  The base for the arms and the legs are made up of piece that were cut to 3.5cm x 2 cm.  Eyes were made from cut paper and the whole piece was coated with glue to give it the shiny plastic look.  ~Jaxster